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"What’s interesting and subtle about Origami is that the model you see – as complex as it might be – is not the truth or the core of the object; it’s just one of many possible expressions of that piece of paper, just as being a dancer is of that woman. Particularly in Origami, you rarely cut or glue or manipulate the paper in any way – you take its basic features as a given and work with them. When it comes to people, it’s harder to respect that boundary." Click to read the full interview.

Former Boston Ballet Principal Dancer and TWH consultant Tai Jimenez

After retiring due to injury: "I'd known it was time to let go for years. I was just afraid to do it. Finally, my body made the choice for me. Dancing was never a prerequisite to freedom, it was just a tool. Sometimes I'd mistaken the tool for the thing itself...

...I was afraid to stop dancing, because I was afraid of not knowing how to cope with the ordinary aspects of life, with ordinary fears, with my insanity. I was afraid to ask, "Who am I?" and afraid of the silent answer."